Album: Dystopia

The first album “Dystopia” was released in autumn 2018 and will take you on a journey through war-ridden lands and deserted wastes. The rough vocals of the lead singer accompanied by distorted guitars and the thunderous hammering of drums reflect the harsh environment of a post-apocalyptic future. But where there is shadow there must also be light and so the haunting female vocals lighten the dark like a beacon, supported by orchestral sounds.

10 €



Currently T-Shirts are available with the print of the band name and logo, printed white on black. They are made of 100 % cotton and available in the sizes S – XXL (male) as well as XS – XXL (female). They can be machine-washed and tumble dried although they may experience shrinking in the latter case.

15 €

Currently all merchandise articles can be ordered by contacting us via wolvesofwar@gmx.de or on Facebook. Otherwise, visit us on our live concerts, where they also will be available!